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The Rubin and Cindy Gruber Excellence Fund provides direct funding support to research activity and student projects under the auspices of the Machine Perception and Cognitive Robotics Laboratory (MPCR) located in the new Rubin and Cindy Gruber Sandox. The MPCR is dedicated to supporting student and faculty-led projects that involve applying, creating, and merging cutting edge technology across all disciplines, generating high-impact STEM projects. MPCR invests in students from all levels and aims to equip as many researchers as possible with the latest computational advancements.

This fund provides resources to students at all levels of education— high school, undergraduate and graduate. Of special interest to us is providing scholarship opportunities to students who come from a diverse range of backgrounds, enabling AI to transform their lives. Bringing together students, the wider research community, and the public, the Sandbox is a space for open, innovative dialogue about the future of AI. Your support makes the Sandbox sustainable in a way that ordinary grants can not, due to their restrictive nature.

The Sandbox is one of the nation’s first multi-disciplinary, state of the art artificial intelligence (AI) labs located in a University Library. This collaborative, experimental space is for faculty and students at all levels, from all disciplines, providing the opportunity for individuals to directly engage with the fast-advancing field of artificial intelligence. At the Sandbox, students, faculty and community members come together to create innovative solutions to real-world problems.

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