Graduate Program

Study in the MPCR Lab at FAU

Graduate Degrees

Ph.D. in Complex Systems & Brain Sciences

Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology

Ph.D. in Mathematics

M.A. in Experimental Psychology

M.S. in Mathematics

M.S. in Data Science


MPCR does not offer degrees outside of the areas listed above. However, FAU students from all departments are invited to conduct research with the MPCR Lab.

If you are a current FAU student interested in MPCR for graduate school, you can visit our lab or send your questions to [email protected]. Our faculty offer several special topics courses and supervised independent research credit in Deep Leaning, Mathematics, Neuroscience, and Psychology that count towards upper division electives for most degree programs.

Undergraduate Degrees

B.S. in Mathematics

B.A. in Mathematics

B.S. in Neuroscience & Behavior

B.A. in Psychology