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April 06, 2017 | by Stephen Hoover

MPCR Undergraduates Won Awards at FAU's WAVE Entrepreneurial Research Competition!

Congratulations Evita Conway, Stephen Hoover, Michael Kleiman, Emily Stark, Elan Barenholtz and William Hahn.

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April 06, 2016 | by Andrew Fraieli

MPCR Undergraduates Won FAU's Undergraduate Research Symposium!

Congratulations Washington Garcia, Paul Morris, Shawn Martin, Nicolas Tutuianu, Marcus McGuire, Elan Barenholtz and William Hahn.

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April 01, 2016 | by Andrew Fraieli

Neuroscientist Garrett Kenyon Visits the MPCR Lab at FAU

Garrett Kenyon, a neuroscientist at the Santa Fe Institute and researcher in the [Petavision research project][petavision-link], visited the crowded Machine Perception and Cognitive Robotics lab at Florida Atlantic University's Boca Raton campus.

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