Autonomous Rover Team

Meeting Times: Wednesdays 11-12 pm
Room: Behavioral Sciences 405, Florida Atlantic University

Open sourced on GitHub:

Meet the Team:

Shawn Martin – Team Leader/Head Software Engineer
Michael Teti – Team Leader/Head of Autonomous Learning
Paul Morris – Senior Graduate Researcher
Marcus McGuire – Senior Undergraduate Researcher
Nicolas Tutuianu – Senior Undergraduate Researcher
Alex Clark – Graduate Researcher
Taran Knowles – Undergraduate Researcher
Lizzie Menezes – Undergraduate Researcher
Vy Tran – Undergraduate Researcher
Darshan Patel -Undergraduate Researcher

About the Project:

In the lab, we work on an open-source platform for autonomous vehicle development that is both simple to set up and cost-effective and can be used to train vehicles to navigate autonomously using the most advanced machine learning techniques. The platform, based on off-the-shelf hardware and open-source software consists of a low-cost RC rover with an onboard camera, remotely controlled via a gaming steering wheel, and connected via wi-fi to a computer that receives real-time data from the camera and the steering wheel. This platform was designed to have interchangeable models that allow for researchers to implement their own algorithms for testing theories of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and visual perception.

Documentation and Tutorials:

Beginner Documentation:

Installing system requirements (docker): (blog post with video/text needed)

Running the program

Controlling the rover: (blog post with video/text needed)

Data collection apparatus: (blog post with video/text needed)

Advanced Documentation:

Understanding the code: (blog post with video/text needed)

Using numpy and h5py libraries: (blog post with Jupyter notebook(s) needed)

Using OpenCV: (blog post with Jupyter notebook(s) needed)

TFLearn Tutorial: (blog post/Jupyter notebook/video)

Rover autonomously driving around the track:

Rover manually driven around the track: