Idle: Autonomous Vehicles

Meeting Times: Wednesday and Fridays 4-6pm
Room: Behavioral Sciences 405, Florida Atlantic University


Regynald Augustin

Meet the Team:

Core Team:

Regynald Augustin

Kendrick Dubuisson

Brandon Jadotte

Daniel Marquez

Kurtis Rodriques

Yu Chu Wu


Elan Barenholtz

William Hahn

Daniel Raviv

About the Project:

Idle is an ongoing project within the MPCR lab. The goal is to create an autonomous system that can outfit golf carts, trolleys, and other low-speed vehicles in situations of casual, short distance, and off-road transportation.

Currently, we are focused on outfitting our first Golf Cart, Tee-1000 with hardware for us to control it electronically. Simultaneously we are testing our machine learning models on various simulators to create an end to end system. Yeah, we have a lot of work to do…