Eye-Tracking Predictive Analytics Team

Meeting Time: Tuesdays at 1:30pm
Room: Behavioral Sciences 404, Boca Campus

Meet the Team:

Michael Kleiman – Team Leader

Dylan Magaldi – Assistant Team Leader

Johnmark James – Participant Coordinator

About the Project:

Eye Tracking is used across many fields and disciplines, including marketing, education, gaming, and clinical psychology. Our goal is to use eye movement data in conjunction with deep neural networks to predict anything from one’s personality type to chess proficiency to likelihood of developing a clinical disorder.

Our current project involves using the eye movements of chess experts to identify behavioral correlates that differentiate them from both non-experts as well as different levels of expertise in their field, and using these correlates to predict, based on performance on chess puzzles and tactics, their international chess ranking.

Join us if you would like to participate in the cutting edge of cognitive psychology research!