BCI Team

Welcome Video

Meeting Times: Monday 11am, and TBD
Room: Behavioral Sciences 405, Florida Atlantic University

Meet the Team:

Anthony Sanchez – Team Leader/Publications manager

Alex Clark – Team Leader / PhD Student/ Graduate Researcher

Megan Black – Undergraduate Researcher

Taslim Bhuiya – Graduate Researcher

Harrison Rudd – Undergraduate Researcher

Jacob McNulty – Undergraduate Researcher

Talia Ryan – Undergraduate Researcher


About the Project:

The BCI section of the MPCR lab is working on EEG recordings of electrical patterns of brain activity relating to the presentation of certain stimuli and/or while performing specific activities. These sessions are completed using the actiCHamp channel amplifier which allows for an integration with MATLAB software producing a visualization of human brain activity paired with the ability to translate it into functioning code. Once all required data is obtained, the team will work with the neural network developers in the lab to create system that is capable of identifying the original presented stimuli based on the brain wave data. The BCI team also intends to utilize the EGG/ANN integration to develop a BCI that will permit a user to remotely manipulate a rover/drone utilizing thought alone. These experiments will allow for the development and testing of theories relating to the nature of machine learning and human neurological wave patters and their meanings.