Animus Team

Meeting Times: TBA
Room: Behavioral Sciences 405, Florida Atlantic University

Meet the Team:

Taran Knowles
Management Information Systems Major, with strong backgrounds in leadership and public speaking. 3D Camera Co-Team Leader.

Nicolas Tutuianu
Computer Science Major, Autonomous Rover Research Team Member

Shawn Martin
Computer Science Major, President of MPCR, Autonomous Rover Research Team Leader

About the Project:

Animus is an upcoming research team utilizing similar technologies developed by the 3D Camera Research Team. Animus aims to revolutionize the way average humans workout by making use of Microsoft Kinect systems and neural networks to minimize the risk of injury while working out and exercising. Combined with in-house SMART mirrors, the average gym user will easily be able to find the optimal workout plan for them while having peace of mind knowing they’re exercises will be injury-free.