3D Camera Team




Left to Right: Vy Tran, Paul Morris, Michael Keller, Shawn Martin, Mary Pengelley

Meeting Times: Mondays and Fridays at 12:00 PM, Tuesdays at 3:30 PM
Room: Behavioral Sciences 405, Florida Atlantic University

Meet the Team:

Michael Keller -Undergraduate Researcher, Team Leader of 3D Camera Team

Shawn Martin– Undergraduate Researcher, Autonomous Rover Team Leader, President of the MPCR Club

Paul Morris– Graduate Researcher, Masters of Computer Science Candidate

Vy Tran– Undergraduate Researcher

Mary Pengelley, RPT, DPT, ATPDirector of Physical Therapy at Progressive Pediatric Therapy, Special Professional Advisor to 3D Camera Team

About the Project:

The 3D Kinect Camera is a revolutionary device used for body tracking, gaming, and other applications. This team’s current goal is to use the camera to track the body’s movements and discourage bad habits. For example, say someone is watching a movie and they start to slouch over. Our goal is to make an application to interface the Kinect with the volume control of the device the user is working with and lower the volume, so as to encourage them to sit up straight. Once we get this device working on one platform, the goal is to make it multiplatform. From there, we can set up the camera to look for something more than posture, preferably something user defined. This project is very useful for those who want to eliminate subconscious physical habits that may be detrimental to their health.

Below you will find screenshots of a working prototype of our 3D Camera Program. As you can see, it is returning a small green number for good posture and a large red number for bad posture. The closer the number is to 0 and the greener the number, the better the person’s posture is and vice versa for larger red numbers.