There are many teams and subsections of the MPCR lab. Although each group has a focus on machine learning and artificial intelligence, the ways of pursuit and central focus are different. If you see a group you’re interested in, feel free to contact the team leader and get more information, or stop by a team meeting and see for yourself.

Autonomous Rover Team

Team Leaders: Michael Teti and Shawn Martin

In the lab, we work on an open-source platform for autonomous vehicle development that can be used to train vehicles to navigate autonomously using the most advanced machine learning techniques. This platform was designed to have interchangeable models that allow for researchers to implement their own algorithms for testing theories of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and visual perception.

EEG Team

Team Leader: Anthony Sanchez

Meeting times: TBD

The EEG section of the MPCR lab is working on recording electrical patterns of brain activity relating to the presentation of certain stimuli and/or while performing specific activities. These sessions are completed using the actiCHamp channel amplifier which allows for an integration with MATLAB software producing a visualization of human brain activity paired with the ability to translate it into functioning code. Once all required data is obtained, the team will work with the neural network developers in the lab to create a system that is capable of identifying the originally presented stimuli based on the brain wave data. The EEG team also intends to utilize the EGG/ANN integration to develop a BCI that will permit a user to remotely manipulate a rover/drone utilizing thought alone. These experiments will allow for the development and testing of theories relating to the nature of machine learning and human neurological wave patterns and their meanings.


Team Leader: Regynald Augustin

Meeting times: Wednesday and Fridays 4-6pm

Location: Behavioral Sciences 405, Florida Atlantic University

Idle is creating an autonomous system that can outfit golf carts, trolleys, and other low-speed vehicles in situations of casual, short distance, and off-road transportation.

Autonomous Drone Team

Team Leader: Open
Contact: N/A

Meeting times: Fridays from 2-3 pm in BS 405

This team is combining deep learning algorithms to create drones capable of navigating around autonomously with a focus on mapping of indoor/outdoor environments. We also work on novel compressive sensing algorithms to be used at the front end of these deep networks.

Deep Learning Bioinformatics Team

Team Leader: Evan Clark

Meeting times: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2:00pm in BS 405

Our team is dedicated to developing cutting edge toolsets to solve the most complex of biological problems. We aim to utilize the power and flexibility of neural networks to enrich thousands of biological datasets to identify unique genomic signatures across hundreds of samples. Our current project focus is developing a pipeline to identify gene expression signatures within different kidney cancer cell populations to develop an analysis toolset for rapidly identifying cancer sub-types from a single test. The long term goal for this team is to develop novel and patentable diagnostics for use in medicine and biomedical research.

3D Camera Team

Team Leader: Michael Keller

The 3D Kinect Camera is a revolutionary device used for body tracking, gaming, and other applications. This team’s current goal is to use the camera to track the body’s movements and discourage bad habits. For example, say someone is watching a movie and they start to slouch over. Our goal is to make an application to interface the Kinect with the volume control of whatever device the user is working with and lower the volume, so as to encourage them to sit up straight. Once we get this device working on one platform, the goal is to make it multiplatform. From there, we can set up the camera to look for something more than posture, preferably something user defined. This project is very useful for those who want to eliminate subconscious physical habits that may be detrimental to their health.

Meeting times: Mondays and Fridays at 12:00 PM, Tuesdays at 3:30 PM

Applied Artificial Intelligence Team

Team Leader: Michael Kleiman

Meeting times: TBD

Chatbots, chatbots, chatbots!
More info soon

Eye-Tracking Predictive Analytics Team

Team Leader: Michael Kleiman

Meeting time: Tuesdays at 1:30 pm in BS 404

Eye Tracking is used across many fields and disciplines, including marketing, education, gaming, and clinical psychology. Our goal is to use eye movement data in conjunction with deep neural networks to predict anything from one’s personality type to chess proficiency to likelihood of developing a clinical disorder. Join us if you would like to participate in the cutting edge of psychology research!

MPCR Podcast Production Team

Team Leader: Clara Rasura

Meeting times: TBD

Blockchain Technology Research Team

Team Leader: Océane Boulais
Contact: // (561) 325 2930

Meeting times: TBD

Explore blockchain technology and learn how to read the pulse of the cryptographic revolution.

Animus Team

Head Imagineer: Taran Knowles

Co-Head Imagineer: Nicolas Tutuianu


Meeting times: TBD

Animus is an upcoming research team utilizing similar technologies developed by the 3D Camera Research Team. Animus aims to revolutionize the way average humans workout by making use of Microsoft Kinect systems and neural networks to minimize the risk of injury while working out and exercising. Combined with in-house SMART mirrors, the average gym user will easily be able to find the optimal workout plan for them while having peace of mind knowing they’re exercises will be injury-free.