Emily Stark

Emily Stark

Doctoral Student, Lab Manager

Emily Stark joined the lab in Fall 2017 as a doctoral student. She received her B.S. in Statistics with a minor in Psychology from Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, TN. Her research interests and experiences are diverse, starting in the biology/medical field and then becoming more mathematical in nature. Her previous research pulls from game theory, graph theory and data science. Recently, she worked with historical neural networks from cognitive psychology applied to social psychological phenomena. Specifically focusing on the topology and dynamic properties of network models of attitudinal formation and change.

In MPCR she is focusing on Machine Olfaction and Deep Learning applications to bioinformatics and disease treatment. Sense of smell is perhaps the least understood of the human senses, however using certain working dogs as a proof of concept, the exploration of olfaction could result in major developments across multiple fields.


Nara Stark

Diabetic Alert Dog

Nara is the least scientific member of MPCR and only contributes to science in very minor ways. However, she is a vital part as she is a trained Diabetic Alert Dog. As a service dog her rights are protected by the ADA and accompanies Emily everywhere to keep her safe.