Autonomus Rover Team

Official Roster of Rover Team Members Spring 2017

  • Shawn Martin

    Autonomous Rover Team Leader, President of the MCPR Club

    Shawn is an undergraduate dual-enrolled high school student in his third year pursuing a bachelor’s in Computer Science. In 2015, he joined the Machine Perception and Cognitive Robotics Laboratory to engage closely with machine learning algorithms, computer vision, and high-performance computing. During his first semester of research with the MPCR lab, his team worked on a reinforcement learning approach to solving a simple “rover-in-a-box” task using a Theano-based implementation of Google DeepMind’s Deep Q-Learning algorithm as well as computer vision techniques for state-space reduction.

    More recently, he has been working on his own research with self-driving autonomous rovers, and is currently the team leader for the Autonomous Rover Team. Working with various data manipulation techniques, data collection, and different neural network architectures. his team is working to provide better autonomous driving results in many different environments. For future research, his team intends to instill a mental state of curiosity and saliency into a rover, using neural networks, dictionary learning, feature mapping, LCA, and sparse modeling.