Overview of Previous Short Course

In 2018 we piloted our Introduction to Deep Learning Summer Short Course and were blown away by the responses of our participants! Those involved with the course reported learning an incredible amount and enjoyed the experience. Here are some of the feedback we received:

I honestly really found this short course to be the best thing I have attended in the summer.

This was an incredible course that encompassed the beginning all the way through the end without overwhelming us with formulas.

I very much enjoyed this course! It was both accessible and covered a lot of material in depth with intriguing examples provided.

Post-class activities/locations were great. Really excited to get involved. When does my parking spot expire? Can you renew it so I may come back?

I would have come in an hour earlier every day to hear more talks like Elan and Will gave.

This was amazing and very educational. I would take more of these courses.

Many of my questions were answered. Things that I was not expecting were discussed. It really made my mind blow! Thanks so much.

We hosted participants from all over the world, ranging from high school students to faculty members at other universities. Our short course was intended to be a gentle introduction for people with little to no experience. In fact, over half of our participants had less than 3 years of experience with either coding or research. However, we also had participants that have made careers in programming enrolled in our short course.

We spent three and a half days together and covered everything from programming deep neural networks to the theory behind them. In an effort to measure our efficacy, we asked students how comfortable they felt with Convolutional Neural Networks, Fully Connected Networks, Generative-Adversarial Networks, and Unsupervised Learning conceptually and “in-practice”. We surveyed our participants at the beginning and end of the course and were floored by the results:

We are excited to offer this course again in Summer 2019. Check out the other links for more information!