Running the RaceTrackRover Program

1. Download the RaceTrackRover code via GitHub or Docker

2. Navigate to the RaceTrackRover repository via command line

3. Turn on the rover

4. Connect to the rovers wifi signal

5. Run the script to begin the loop. From here,
you will be able to decide whether you want to collect
data and drive the rover yourself, or if you want the
rover to drive autonomously.

Run this command in terminal: python

6. Press T to train (drive manually) or A to drive autonomously

Training Mode (T):

1. Press on the PyGame user interface, and enter which controller
you would like to use. Press W to control with the wheel, or
K to control with the keyboard.

2. Next, enter Yes or No to whether you would like to collect data
for this run, entering Y or N. Collecting data will save the camera image
as well as the angle of the wheel from a range of 0-180.

3. If using the keyboard, press Z to save and exit the program. If using the wheel,
press the Save and Quit button on the bottom right.

Autonomous mode (T):

1. Watch and enjoy the show!

Rover driving autonomously

Shawn Martin collecting data with the rover