Seymour Papert, Computers and Education – 1994


“Papert explores constructionism vs. instructionsm, the potential of the Internet, teacher “training,” the choice between Monday and Someday, as well as what we can learn from watching children play video games or what children can learn by making video games.” Dr. Papert begins at the 20-minute mark.


“The way to innovate is to make better things for them to do, so they can acquire knowledge in the course of doing things that are meaningful, authentic projects of their own.” – Seymour Papert


“Something that probably worries you about the influence of technology in the world and that is the spread of the culture of videogames, and looking at video game as an educator I think like every other educator, one looks at the energy that these children are pouring into that and the amount of learning that happens, I’ve tried to tabulate everything you need to know to be an expert in Super Mario and I believe you would have to know more what anyone would would dare to put in a fourth grade curriculum in any subject and yet the kids learn that rapidly and well.”  – Seymour Papert

What will the teaching of third grade math look like in 20 years time? Personally I think there would be no such thing as third grade math being taught in 20 years time, because I think that the very idea of separating math from the rest of knowledge, of separating the third grade from the rest of life, and from separating teaching from learning, all these might disappear, I hope they will.” – Seymour Papert