Frank Rosenblatt – Principles of Neurodynamics: Perceptrons and the Theory of Brain Mechanisms

“It is only after much hesitation that the writer has reconciled himself to the addition of the term “neurodynamics” to the list of such recent linguistic artifacts as “cybernetics”, “bionics’1 , “autonomies”, “biomimesis”, “synnoetics”, ” intelectronics”, and “robotics”. It is hoped that by selecting a term which more clearly delimits our realm of interest and indicates its relationship to traditional academic disciplines, the underlying motivation of the perceptron program may be more successfully communicated. The term “perceptron”, originally intended as a generic name for a variety of theoretical nerve nets, has an unfortunate tendency to suggest a specific piece of hardware, and it is only with difficulty that its well-meaning popularizers can be persuaded’ to suppress their natural urge to capitalize the initial “P”. On being asked, “How is Perceptron performing today?” 1 am often tempted to respond, “Very well, thank you, and how are Neutron and Electron behaving?””

“For this writer, the perceptron program is not primarily concerned with the invention of devices for “artificial intelligence”, but rather with investigating the physical structures and neurodynamic principles which underlie “natural intelligence”. A perceptron is first: and foremost a brain model, not an invention for pattern recognition. As a brain model, its utility is in enabling us to determine the physical conditions for the emergence of various psychological properties. It is by no means a “complete” model, and we are fully aware of the simplifications which have been made from biological systems; but it is, at least, an analyzable model. The results of this approach have already been substantial; a number of fundamental principles have been established, which are presented in this report, and these principles may be freely applied, wherever they prove useful, by inventors of pattern recognition machines and artificial intelligence systems.” –¬†Frank Rosenblatt

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